How it Works

We are constantly dedicated to creating a favorable environment for you to place an order easily. Understanding our ordering process will make it easier for you to get the help you need. This process starts when you make an inquiry or place an order with us. Placing an order is the same as making an inquiry. However, when you place an inquiry, you get an opportunity to make sure that the best-suited writer is available to work on your paper before committing your money to it. At the time of filling the inquiry or order form, please make sure that you give as much information concerning your paper as possible. This makes it easy for the writer who will write your paper to do so without a lot of clarification or revision requests.

We create your account immediately after you make your first inquiry or place your first order using the particulars you provide. After that, you can sign in to your account at any time to:

  1. Manage and view the progress of your paper, including providing more information to guide the writer, checking the status of your order, entering comments to the writer or support team members, requesting that the paper be revised, and approving the order.

  2. View your papers and their records.

  3. Make a new inquiry or place a new order.

  4. Communicate with our support team members through the instant chat service.

At any one time, your order can bear one of the following statuses:

  1. Inquiry: Once you make an inquiry, your paper will be set to this status.

  2. Waiting for Payment: If you have not paid for an order that you have placed or requested for more work that needs to be paid for, your paper will be set to this status.
  3. Looking for a Writer: Once you pay for an order that you have placed, we will start looking through our pool of qualified writers for the most appropriate one to work on your order. Until we find one, your order will retain this status.
  4. In Progress: Once we find the most suited writer, they will be assigned to complete your paper, and the order will acquire this status.
  5. Checking for Plagiarism: Your paper will be run through anti-plagiarism software to verify that it is 100% plagiarism-free after the writer completes work on your order. During this process, your paper will possess this status.
  6. Delivered: Once the plagiarism check is successful, and we are sure the paper has 100% original, non-plagiarized work, it will be presented to you as a ‘preview version.’ Subsequently, your order will adopt the status ‘Delivered.’ The preview version will be locked, which means that you can view the paper, but you cannot copy, print, or even edit it. Its sole purpose is to enable you to double-check the writing to ensure that it is competent and fulfils your needs. Once you go through this version, you can do two things: approve the paper or ask for a revision. If you don’t act either way, the order will preserve the status ‘Delivered’ for a maximum of 14 days followed by automatic approval by the system.
  7. Revision in Progress: Your paper will adopt this status when you request that it be revised. We will contact the writer as soon as possible and instruct them to revise your paper as our Revision Policy provides.
  8. Approved: After double-checking the preview version, ascertaining that its quality is adequate for your needs, and you have no additional complaints, you can click on the ‘Approve’ button, and your order will be set to ‘Approved’ status. The paper can also be marked ‘Approved’ by the system if it stays on ‘Delivered’ status for up to 14 days without any action from you. After it has been approved, the final paper will be availed to you in an unlocked version (Microsoft Word) that is editable. You have the right to ask for a revision within 1 week (7 days) of the paper being approved, after which any revision will be treated as a new order that requires payment.
  9. Dispute: If you feel that paper is substandard or its quality is not satisfying, you can ask for free revisions or contact our customer care agents to assign your paper to a new writer. You can also contact the same agents and ask them to set the paper on ‘Dispute’ status by writing a comment on your order. The dispute resolution department will closely work with you to identify and solve the problem. However, kindly note these points before asking us to set your order on ‘Dispute’ status.
  10. Canceled: The customer can request the cancellation of an inquiry or an order. Once this happens, the customer might receive a refund as specified in our Money-Back Guarantee Policy. Our customer care representatives can also cancel your paper or inquiry on rational grounds. For example, if a customer makes an inquiry and they do not respond to our communication for a reasonably long period of time, it may be canceled to allow our customer care agents to attend to other orders in progress.

At any one time, your order can bear one of the following statuses:Do you have any proposals, questions, or even complaints concerning our ordering process? Feel free to air your views by contacting our customer care representatives through chat, email, or phone. They are always ready to assist you where possible.

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